What are your family traditions at Christmas time?

Does the story of a baby born in a manger hold any relevance for today?

This story, so easily sentimentalised, remains the dramatic action of a God who refused to remain aloof from human misery, but rather became part of it.  This story brings hope to our messy and complicated lives, and gives value to every human being regardless of status, rank, power or capacity.

We sing, “The hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight” in the Christmas carol, and Road to Bethlehem tells the story that brings this hope and quietens our fears.

Why not establish a new family tradition this year – come to Road to Bethlehem and begin Christmas focused on what the season is really about.

Authentic costumes
Dramatic scenes
Entertaining, humorous script
Beautiful, poignant moments

Bring your family, friends and colleagues to experience an outdoor walk-through theatrical presentation that brings to life the true story and meaning of Christmas.

The evening begins in our waiting area, where you can relax and enjoy the music and kid’s activities and food available for purchase.

When your group is called, you’ll will begin to experience the story, stopping at several out-door theatres, ever in search for the Baby.  You’ll recognise many characters along the way, like shepherds, a king, soldiers and angels – who bring the Bible story alive.  Join the 15,000+ travellers each year who discover the true identity of this Baby.