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Lilydale Tickets

ROAD to BETHLEHEM Lilydale Tickets

Lilydale, Victoria, Australia

The ticket information on this page is for the Lilydale (formerly Nunawading) performance of Road to Bethlehem. For tickets at other Road to Bethlehem locations, see the box on the right of this page.

General Ticket Info

- Everyone who visits ROAD to BETHLEHEM must have a ticket (including infants and children).

- Tickets are FREE! However, we really appreciate all donations which help the annual running of this event.
There will be an opportunity to give a donation near the end of your journey.

- While tickets are free, they are valuable (and booking allocation is limited). Please do not over-book. Doing so prevents other genuine online ticket bookings from being made.

- ROAD to BETHLEHEM can cater for group bookings of up to 20 people in one time slot. (Booked groups will be travelling with other members of the public in larger groups.)

- Group bookings of more than 20 must be made via Telephone.

- Although every tour is wonderful, ROAD TO BETHLEHEM is best seen after dark, when the lighting focuses your eyes on the sets.
It becomes dark just after 9pm during RtB week so book a tour around this time if you can.

- We request that bookings without children choose time slots after 8:30pm if possible to allow families with young children to tour before it gets too late.

Booking Tickets

There are three ways you can obtain tickets:
(click each for details)