Road to Bethlehem



Rain and Road to Bethlehem?

Many visitors unnecessarily cancel their plans visit to ROAD to BETHLEHEM due to the presence of rain in the lead up to the evening, or from the fear of rain. Here’s some info regarding rain and Road to Bethlehem.
  • Does ROAD to BETHLEHEM run if it rains?

ROAD to BETHLEHEM continues!!! We've closed the show only once in more than 75 evenings - it was a night of continuous torrential rain!

  • Raining now? Forecast to rain? . . . it might not rain tonight though!

Through the wonders of technology you can see an animation of the current rain movements over Melbourne. Often in summer rain goes over like a large ‘wave’ and there are clear skies behind the band of rain. Several times we have had rain in the day and even afternoon, and many cancelling tickets, only to have starry skies all night!
Have a look at this radar animation of the past hour here. You might be able to predict if the rain is coming or going. Also, note the difference between showers (short bursts) and rain (extended periods) when reading a forecast.

  • Rain can be good!

Rain will keep people away and makes people cancel pre-booked tickets. This means those wanting tickets on the night can line up and get earlier tour times, and also means you will travel around in smaller group sizes than normal. Overcast nights makes the night darker sooner too, bringing the beautiful lighting of the sets to life earlier in the evening to add to the experience.

  • Fine weather can be bad!

If there are forecast nights of rain many people wait and all come along on the predicted ‘nice’ weather night/s. While it's still a wonderful experience, when everyone comes at once it will be busier and later for many people.

  • What should I do if it looks like rain

If it DOES look like rain is probable, wear comfortable shoes, which may get a little dirty, and bring an umbrella or a coat if it's threatening to rain or a cold wind may be blowing. Our 100's of volunteers will be there waiting to share the story of Christmas with you!

  • WWJD

What would Joseph have done if it rained on the way to Bethlehem? They probably had no choice but to continue! Perhaps the rain adds your own hardships to the journey Joseph and Mary took those years ago to give you a greater appreciation of their journey?

  •  Not convinced?

Oh well, we tried! We’ll be sorry if you choose not to come and visit, but we understand you have to do what’s best for you and your family and friends. We pray you will have a Christmas full of blessings and that we might see you next year! You can cancel your pre-booked tickets so they can be allocated to someone else via our tickets page