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Visitor Comments:

The most common ways people describe ROAD to BETHLEHEM include: “Beautiful, joyful, delightful, uplifting, enriching, superb, incredible, brilliant, amazing, impressive, spectacular, awesome, beautiful, wonderful, fabulous, excellent, fantastic, great, blessed, inspirational, awesome, breathtaking, extraordinary, magnificent and outstanding”.

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Here's a glimps of how RtB impacts visitors:

– Great job! Set designs were amazing & acting brilliant. Excellent re-telling of the Christmas story.

– Fantastic, very touching. Thankyou (can’t believe it’s free!).

– It was wonderful! The people speaking were warm, lovely people. The opening lady & closing lady were beautiful. So welcoming & made Christianity truly attractive! Praise God for you all!

– An unbelievable experience – lifelike and so very meaningful.

– Thank you, it was a delight and a timely reminder to refocus.

– What a moving last scene! Glory to God!

– I have been coming to Road to Bethlehem since I was little. As a young adult I want to say thank you so much for sharing the true Christmas story. A real gift to the community.

– Very thoughtful & sensitive presentation. Excellent & friendly helpers.

– It would be lovely if you had it a couple of weeks!

– My first time! I will be back! Thank you for a wonderful journey representing the real spirit of Christmas.

– An uplifting experience. Thank you all.

– Awesome, magical and breathtaking

– Es war wundervull!

– Great to use humour to connect with people. Loved the prayer flags & tent @ the end. Great work!

– Thank you for all your hard work.

– Amazing! Praise God for your wonderful talent and spirit.

– You made my Christmas. Awesome!

– Annointed!! What an amazing witness to your local community. Worth coming from Darwin for!! xxoo

– Thank you for this beautiful gift.

– Very well done and a lovely presentation of the truth which is so needed.

– Absolutely magical. Will take the Aus spirit back to London.

– Beautiful experience... The whole family loved it!! All 6 of us. We’ll come again next year.

– Tonite was awesome. Thanks to everyone who organised and participated.

– Travelled from Canberra to see this – thank you so much for such a great portrayal of the Christmas story.

– Many blessings & thanks to all who proclaim the Good News of Jesus.

– THE BEST!! see you next year...

– So impressive. So wonderfull.

– Thanks so much. It was an amazing experience for myself & the kids.

– Am still excited every year & it’s been 6 years.

– I am 8 years old. The real baby was really cute.

– Wonderful, funny & the kids LOVED it!

– So much better than Santa Claus and Myers windows. Blessings on you all.

– Beautiful! Joyful! And Thankyou!

– I enjoyed the show. It was perfect.

– Just love it. It’s all so beautiful.

– Thankyou – what an amazing logistical achievement.

 – Absolutely astounding. Thank you.

– Bless you all – may the Holy Spirit keep empowering these wonderful words and affect many!

– What a wonderful initiative – God bless.

– Awesome year after year!

– How do you get a new baby every year? But they’re so cute xx

– Just wonderful – such love & generosity – thank you v. much.

– Thank you for your witness to the Light!

– Thankyou. God bless you for being so faithful all these 18 years in reminding Melb what really is Christmas.

– God bless all your wonderful people. Awesome public witness!

 – Great story told with conviction. Blessings to all.

– Each year I’m moved by your tableau. Well done & God bless your work.

– Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Actors and staff very helpful & courteous.

– Our first time. A delight! Thought provoking and brilliantly acted/staged.

– You guys are amazing. Thank you for bring God to the masses!

 – I thank God for the pure message of the Gift of His Son & the way you portrayed it. Well done& God bless you all.

– Told with love & good humour. Lovely!

– We have been coming since I was a teenand now for the first time I take pleasure in sharing with my 2 year old

– How lovely! Thankyou so much for such a wonderful celebration of Christmas & Jesus in our lives.

– I loved R2B, it was so amazing! I brought a friend and she might bring her family next year. Spreading Jesus Christ to everyone!

– Beautiful way to celebrate Christmas! 1000 thankyous.

– Thanks so much for teaching my children about the real meaning of Christmas.

– Awesome! A joyful night.

– Excellent. Lost for words. God bless you.

– Was so wonderful we came twice!! Praise God! May He bless many with this wonderful program!!

– Brought my 10 children. Thanks for a great blessing.

– My 3 yr old daughter actually thought it was baby Lord Jesus and real angels – I don’t have the heart to tell her otherwise. Loved it!!

– The most wonderful story told in the most beautiful way.

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